Clinical Supervision

As a clinical supervisor, I can help.

Jil Leverone is an experienced clinical supervisor as well as individual supervision for licensure with the MN Board of Psychology and the MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.I approach the supervisory relationship with respect and deep care.  The relationship is most often long term, so we have a chance to develop a deep level of trust and openness that builds on the strengths of the individual and provides opportunity for growth with those skill areas that need attention. I take the responsibility of guiding and fostering each professional's growth very seriously.  My years of teaching and training in graduate programs in Counseling and Clinical Psychology enhance my vision, insight, and skills in providing guidance for the clinical supervisee.

I have 20 years of experience as a clinical supervisor. I am available to provide individual supervision for licensure with the MN Board of Psychology (Licensed Psychologist) and the MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (Licensed Professional Counselor).